Any company involved in manufacturing

can benefit from Integra's experience with process installations. Our project teams are drawn from dedicated and energetic managers and fully accredited and skilled tradespersons that will work closely with the owner's representatives to make certain that the new equipment is properly installed and fully productionized.

"Process Equipment Installation" means different things to different people. We automatically default to the owner's perspectives when it comes to defining and satisfying the project needs. To Integra, the project includes looking beyond the immediate scope to envision a fully productionized operation running at line-rate. We meet all project tasks head-on, from vendor buyoff and shipment to the home plant, through rigging and precision setting, to final debug and owner assist with material delivery, tie-in to ancillary systems, and final punchlist. Our responsibilities extend to the work we self-perform, along with uniform communication of the same requirements for our subs and lower-tier suppliers.