The Integra History

Integra Construction Company started operations in 1993 as a result of a vision and commitment to total customer service. Integra has drawn on extensive experience with this region's construction industry to provide the type of professional services that every customer has the right to expect on their projects.

Two things happened - a dependable track record of successfully managed projects resulted in increased confidence by satisfied clients to have Integra Construction manage their largest and most critical work, and the word quickly got out in the form of referrals leading to even more opportunities from an expanding client base. In record time, Integra, Inc. has now achieved a reputation within the professional construction community for accomplishing diverse projects involving accelerated timeframes, along with the adaptability to adhere to milestone commitments while still maintaining effective change management to address revised project requirements.

Finding Grit In Integrity

If you thought integrity went by the wayside, think again. At Integra, we won’t settle for anything less than the most professional management of each project for our customers. This will typically include our working directly with the owner on the entire realm of project responsibilities; beginning with project scope definition and conceptual estimates, continuing with detailed scope, subcontract packaging and related pre-construction activities, and then proceeding effectively and safely through the onsite communications, scheduling, and management responsibilities.